Natalie J. Evans

Helping Parents Become Their Child’s Superhero is my Superpower

Are you in need of a helping hand to assist you in being the best parent you can be? Whether you have a small child with communication difficulties, or just would like a friend to give you support during your parenting journey, I’m here to help.

P.E.P Talk

Our Parant Empowerment Program (P.E.P) will assist you through the process of helping your child to reach their communication milestones, all while building a stronger bond with your family.

Parent To Parent

With Parent To Parent, Natalie offers one on one support to help parents with specific struggles. You’ll have access to a friendly, experienced professional and motivational coach all rolled up in one.

Speech Company

You and your child can experience face to face premier pediatric speech therapy in the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas area or via our Online Teletherapy option.


Chit Chat

Discover helpful strategies and tips to help you and your child engage and communicate more effectively in our online support group.

Youtube Videos

Enjoy quick, fun and entertaining videos for busy parents on the go.


Get your questions answered quickly and easily with my short and power packed ebook “Help! My Kid Isn’t Talking”.

Each day, most kids spend…

Hrs in Bed

Hrs at school

Hrs Screen time (Phone, tablet, tv)

Engaging with family, Maybe

Are you making the most of family time?

Family fun and Activities

Planning activities and events for the family is a full-time job in itself. Get proven ideas and tips to increase interaction during family time that will have you and your family laughing and having more fun than ever.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

-Mother Teresa

Make a difference

It is proven that a child’s home life impacts who they become as an adult in many ways. Give your child the gift of:
  • Confidence
  • Social Skills
  • Well Mannered Behavior
  • Achievement in School
  • Happiness

Work With Me

As a healthcare professional (Speech Therapist) I work with children daily helping them with communication, speech and feeding. The most critical component of a child’s success is the environment and support at home. Engaging and interacting at home is a must. Let me help your family connect and build a bond stronger than ever.
Ready to get started?
Experience caring professional help to guide you through the process of helping your child achieve developmental and communication milestones while supporting you the parent, the entire way.
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Friday, February 23rd, 2018 @ 8:00pm. Location details will come in the confirmation email. 

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